If you’ve been wondering when the hell you’re going to finally see footage from Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, wonder no more. A scooper tells us that the trailer – not a teaser, he specifies, but a full length trailer – will be in front of Monsters vs Aliens. Finally, a reason to see that movie!

Our scooper actually saw the trailer, and here’s his full report on it:

-Where The Wild Things Are trailer is debuting in 2 weeks in front of Monsters
vs. Aliens

-Not a teaser, full 3-min trailer, scored to ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade
Fire (it fits beautifully, and is either the 3rd or 4th time the band has agreed
to license their music, won’t be in the actual film obviously)

-Try as I
might, I can’t verbalize how I felt about the trailer beyond the most grandiose
superlatives: ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ and ‘breathtaking’, making me sound
like Pete Hammond. The environments in particular (there’s a sequence of cutting
between 4 shots of Max running through different environments that is absolutely
magical) are a work of incredible vision, especially in light of the production
methods Spike opted for. It does feel like a ‘kids movie’ (not pejorative): the
trailer repeatedly made me about eight years old, over and over again. Unless
I’m an idiot, and you’ll see yourself in a week or two, the finalized monsters
are some kind of incredible technical achievement.

-Much of the VFX work went
to detailed facial animations on the monster’s eyes and faces to give them a
functional expressive palette. That remains the only post work left before
release. They look nothing short of real and feel very alive and very, very

Man, this sounds great. And for those of you who don’t know The Arcade Fire or their music, here’s a live version of Wake Up.