Regardless of whether or not his remake of The Last House on the Left is a box office hit this weekend, director Dennis Iliadis (in blue T-shirt above) will have at least one more genre offering under his belt when all is said and done. Looks like his reps have already packaged up his next project, one entitled Cure.

Penned by Beau Michael Thorne (Max Payne) Cure centers on a young dude who sends his poor wife away for an experimental treatment to save her from a terminal disease. She eventually returns from the miracle procedure apparently cured, but after a while it appears the love of his life is suddenly dealing with something far more terrifying than her previous affliction.

Sounds like it has a bit of a Deathdream vibe going for it, which can’t be too bad, if I do say so myself.

Doug Davison and Roy Lee (The Strangers) are producing alongside Brian Witten and Michael Connolly.

Shooting is set for sometime this summer.