Mr. Ferrell,

Why do you persist sir? You have to know that you are not funny. You
have to. How could you not? Does the flower not know of it’s beauty?
Does the killer not know what he/she is? In nature the occurrence of
perfection is a glistening, powerful accomplishment and to say you are
the perfect buffoon would be an understatement, indeed.

What’s that? Oh, so it is the buffoon, you think, that grants you some
kind of unique comedic ‘power’? No, no that’s not it at all sir. You
see, it did not work for Jim Carey, it does not work for Ben Stiller and
Mr. Ferrel, it most certainly does not work for you.

And do you care? No, I am convinced you do not. Anyone who has seen the
ten or so minutes of Semi Pro that I had the unfortunate luck to see could not possibly mistake it for a valid
attempt at a ‘movie’. And incidentally, how many movies a year do you
put out? Is it the ‘throw enough shit at the wall theory’ or is it simply
you trying to amass a solid Hollywood nest egg while the fires are, ah,
luke warm, before the public get sick of you and finally realizes, ‘Oh,
wait… comedies are movies that I am supposed to laugh at’?

Oh, why do I bother?

If you have you have it in your heart Mr. Ferrell, STOP now. There would be nothing indignant about stepping out of the spotlight and strictly adhering to taking Producing credentials or something like that. At the very least stop trying to pull John C. Reilly and Sir Danny McBride down in your wake.


A concerned citzen