I’m all ’bout the big screen GI Joe; I think it looks like a delightful campfest the likes of which we haven’t seen since Megaforce. But even within those boundaries, we have certain expectations, and the first image of Destro comes in well below all of them. Now, this is a low rez screencap taken from what is likely a bootlegged trailer, but man does he look crummy. His mask is obviously all CGI, and I don’t know that it’s all that state of the art. In fact, looking at Destro’s mask I can’t help but think that someone colored Tron‘s Master Control Program silver and wrapped it around Christopher Eccleston’s head.

I hope this spurs Paramount into releasing a much better picture ASAP. At least one where his mask doesn’t look like a fine pewter collectible*, available for three payments of $19.99.

The Destro image comes from Topless Robot. Thanks to Ahmed for the link.

* Thanks to Russ for spurring this joke.