New Noah Baumbach! New Noah Baumbach! I get excited when the really interesting filmmakers work, and Noah Baumbach is one of the most really interesting filmmakers. One who took a major break between his 1997 film Mr. Jealousy and his 2005 masterpiece The Squid & the Whale. With a hiatus that long in his past, I get worried every time Baumbach finishes another film – will he again go away? After the reception of Margot at the Wedding I feared he might.

But he has a new film he’s working on: Greenberg. Here’s the synopsis from Variety:

[The] story centers on a New Yorker (Stiller) who moves to Los Angeles to housesit for his brother and figure out his life. He ends up having a relationship with his brother’s assistant (Greta Gerwig).

Ooh, Greta Gerwig is hot. And smart. And primed for more mainstream exposure (it’s funny that a Noah Baumbach movie would count as more mainstream than the movies Gerwig usually makes).

Now Baumbach has added three more to the cast: Rhys Ifans, star of the worst movie of the decade, The Informers, will play Stiller’s best friend, who is going through a divorce. Meanwhile Brie Larson – Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim! – will be playing the college girl who tempts Stiller. Juno Temple plays her best friend; I think Temple is way more appealing, but I may have weird taste.

Shooting starts at the end of March.