If you had to hire a bunch of kids to take turns having sex with an underage girl in order to banish a demon, who would you pick?

That’s the question Warner Brothers will soon answer, as the studio moves forward with Dave Kajganich’s script adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It.

Previously brought to stumbling life as a mini-series anchored by Tim Curry’s memorable incarnation of an evil clown, this feature version will be produced by Vertigo Entertainment and Lin Entertainment. (That’s Terminator: Salvation and Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin, not director Justin Lin.)

The novel and mini-series had action set in 1958, when the kids are originally menaced by evil and band together sexually to banish It from a small Maine town, and 1985, when the adults (minus one suicide) reconvene to fight the demon once more. The feature will be set in the present day, says THR, so we can surmise that the kids timeline takes place in the early to mid ’80s.

Expect the clown to appear, and the violence, and probably the big spider thing that serves as one incarnation of It. But the sex? If anyone ends up with the Kajganich script and wants to shoot it over, please do. I want to see if he nails the ending, and if the ending nails Beverly.