I’ve seen some bordering on the ecstatic responses to the first image from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Is there something wrong with me that I look at this picture and react with a mild passing interest? What is it that I’m missing here – it looks like a young girl who looks sort of like how I imagine Alice looking (I always see her with straight hair, but I’m not about to turn into some kind of Lewis Carroll fanboy here) peering down a hole in the ground. Am I supposed to be getting psyched about the bunny on her dress?

This picture appeared in the new Disney magazine, D23 (yes, Disney launched a magazine. And it’s not cheap, either), which is on newsstands now. This scan comes from The Tim Burton Collective, and along with this picture they have scans of some concept art that also appears in the magazine. The concept art looks like… well, it looks like the tea party from the book, which is what it is.

Maybe I’m just broken and this picture is actually breathtaking, and I’m missing some Goth Topic detail in the tea party concept art that will convince me that Tim Burton is bringing his own straight from the suburbs to your malls and theme parks sensibility to this movie in an interesting way. You tell me on the message board.

Thanks to Jim for the link.