Besides Resident Evil 5, which hits tomorrow and I can guarantee you first-hand will be an absolute must-buy (review coming soon!), Capcom’s got a bunch more planned for fans of the series. Today they announced Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii, a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles.

“We are very excited to be bringing the sequel to Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles to the Wii as it’s the perfect fit for the platform,” said Mona Hamilton, vice president, marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “We are always looking for new ways to give Capcom fans a chance to experience our games. Umbrella Chronicles was a huge success for us, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles includes a more in-depth co-op experience, and we are excited to bring this exclusive content to the Wii audience.”

In it you’ll control Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield and fight you way through what you missed in Umbrella Chronicles, namely, Resident Evil 2. See the first game took you through the storyline of the entire Resident Evil series, but it skipped a few points- Racoon City after the apocalypse was probably the biggest one. The game will be much the same as the last, in that it’s an on-rails shooter with branching pathways that can be played co-op. There’s going to be a new system that utilizes motion controls that hopefully won’t get too annoying. They really don’t need to do much to improve it- Umbrella Chronicles was a damn fun game, a total blast with two people.

Along with that Capcom once again confirmed that they are the Anchor Bay of video game companies, announcing a Resident Evil: “Classics” line for the Wii that will include the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil Zero, newly refitted with Wii Remote controls. No word on how this works just yet but I look forward to buying Resident Evil for the 80th time.

Capcom has also announced some downloadable content planned for RE5, one that turns the co-op experience into something more brutal. The new mode called VERSUS will be released after launch and allow four players to fight each other, for the first time. There are two games included.

Slayer’s Rule is a point-based game that challenges players to kill Majinis. In Survivor’s Rule, players hunt the most dangerous game, each other! Players can begin the hunt as Chris, Sheva or other secret characters, and choose from either one-on-one or two-versus-two team matches for either of the two gameplay styles.

The content will be available in a few weeks for 400 Microsoft Points/$4.99 on the PlayStation Network.  This is something that’s been nagging me a bit about the company for their last few releases. It’s one thing to release DLC but it’s another to do it so immediately after release and then charge for it, like they have with Mega-Man, Street Fighter 4 and others. But even saying that this sounds like a must-have, and it’s cheap enough.

As for now, get ready to pick up RE5 tomorrow and have a blast- the game’s incredible fun with two players and I’m really loving it so far.