In 1963 the Roger Corman low-budget film X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes showed you Ray Milland dancing, peeping and experimenting as never before, thanks to the miracle of Spectravision.

(And while Milland played a character named Xavier and Dick Miller plays a character named Trask, which combined with the ‘x’ oriented title leads to suspicion that there was some back and forth influence between the film and Stan Lee’s fledgling X-Men, the movie and comic actually debuted right at the same time, in September ’63.)

Now 28 Weeks Later… and Intacto director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been tapped by MGM to develop a remake. While the Corman approach is definitely quaint, the basic premise — a scientist becomes his own guinea pig as a way to prove his work before funding is cut off — could still be a viable starting point. And there’s plenty of option to explore real sci-fi questions, like the ethics and use of unnatural power and perspective, etc. Or Fresnadillo could just make a movie with a lot of naked tits. Some combination of both approaches would probably do just fine.

No writer is hired as yet; that could help point to what sort of product MGM wants to see.