I haven’t been shy about hoping that Universal would release a trailer for Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell that knocks the sales pitch out of the park. I might have been *too* not shy; after I ran into Ted Raimi at Comic Con last year, which led to him complementing CHUD, I suggested that he needed to help his brother understand that the trailer they’d just shown us was terrible and would hurt the film. (The Con teaser, not the extended clips.) He didn’t seem to like that, nor did Sam when I said the same to him.

I’m not taking any credit for the fact that this first trailer is a near 180 from what we saw at Comic Con — that would be asinine. I’m just happy that Universal pulled together something solid for this film.

What you’ll see here includes hints at the two sequences we saw at Comic Con. Those instantly sold me on the movie. You don’t get the madcap insanity of those encounters; instead the trailer goes for a big old-school horror vibe. I’m OK with that, because the madcap spook-a-blast stuff might not play well chopped up into tiny segments.

See the trailer at Yahoo, the site that hates embeddable media.