Vin Diesel cannot get enough Riddick. He’s insatiable for it. Whenever he’s out doing the press for whatever project he’s working on, the subject always comes to his franchise that doesn’t include the ripped-like-today’s-headlines Paul Walker and he teases us that his twinkly-eyed antihero will return in a form that doesn’t require you to maneuver his limbs with an XBOX controller.

Riddick is huge in Japan and on consoles, but there are people still living in refrigerator boxes after The Chronicles of Riddick cost Universal a lot of Mesetas [nerd alert!] that were not recouped. I don’t care, for it wasn’t my money. I find myself liking the film more and more as time goes on, and it’s the last time we saw Nick Chindlund, Colm Feore, and Karl Urban before they became America’s #1 sketch comedy tandem.

I want more Riddick. I love David Twohy without irony. I want more bald stabbings.

I also want more monsters, ala Pitch Black. I don’t mind Necromongers (though I do mind the name), but I enjoy Riddick (full name: Pete Riddick) most when he’s leading ashen faced people away from flying terror.

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