I get tired of the same old news…

Abigail Breslin is going to get paid to watch Mario Bello get raped.

Samuel L. Jackson is also going to get paid, because that is what Samuel L. Jackson likes to do. Rape: A Love Story was a novella by Joyce Carol Oates about a woman who is gang-raped*, and brought from the brink of depression by the love of her young daughter and the extracurricular work of a policeman. Living somewhere between the worlds of character study and revenge flick, it seems perfectly ripe for film though director Harold Becker hasn’t made a good film since the 80’s (though Malice was a guilty pleasure and featured one of my favorite lines in film history… ‘Architecture’s my life. If I hadn’t been a surgeon… I’d have been a building.‘). I’m not sure he has the ability to pull this concept off without making it really arch.

Plus, Samuel L. Jackson. You want to talk about people whose work is all over the map? Look no further. Plus Abigail Breslin.

At least we have the greatness of Bello. Oh shit, she was in that Mummy movie.

Odds are that this won’t be one of those good rape movies.

* Every article and review says she is BRUTALLY gang-raped and to me that’s an unnecessary adjective for there are so few kind and nurturing gang-rapes. Rarely do you see the “suitors” vying for her friendship and affection with chocolate and flowers as the others mercilessly violate her Earth Suit.