25 years ago, Jane Badler made us consider having sex with a lizard.  Now someone new might just make you dig up those old reptilian porn thoughts once again.  Amidst a flood of casting news from this past weekend is the herpetologically wondrous news that Morena Baccarin has grabbed a spot on the new V reboot.  She will portray Anna, described as “the leader of the
Visitors who is remarkably knowledgeable about human culture and
media manipulation.”
  No more details have as yet emerged, but Baccarin, who already has a lot of genre cred (as well as the Johnsons of every Browncoat in existence aimed at her) is sure to add to the genre appeal of a property that, if done right (and I mean very very right) already has the built-in fanbase to conceivably become the next Battlestar.  Unlikely?  Probably.  But here’s hoping for some good mouse-eating action.

In other casting news, Nina Dobrev (DeGrassi: The Next Generation) has landed the lead role in the upcoming CW show, Vampire Diaries, as Elena, the object of affection between two vampire brothers.  Also, Brit Rupert Penry-Jones has acquired top billing in Jerry Bruckheimers as-yet-untitled drama pilot for ABC.  It concerns a group of amateur detectives who are led by a former cop whose 11-year-old daughter was kinapped three years ago and is still missing.  And Eliza Coupe (Scrubs) snagged the lead role in the ABC comedy No Heroics, which is about four B-list heroes who live in public.  Coupe will play a bad girl who can turn invisible.

You can head over to THR.com for more info on other shows that are in the pipeline.  As for me, I’m waiting to see how Morena looks in scales.