The video embedded below is interesting not in the ‘that was interesting to watch’ meaning, but in the ‘it’s interesting to finally understand why people punch paparazzi’ meaning. This video is like five minutes of jackals stalking Mickey Rourke as he foolishly attempts to walk down a block. How dare you, Mickey!

At about two minutes and fifty four seconds, someone in the crowd of paps shouts out ‘Iron Man 2!’ (which actually qualifies him to move up the food chain and become part of the junket circuit), to which Mickey replies ‘You bet your ass.’

What does this mean? Who knows. It does sort of sound like Rourke is saying that he’s doing Iron Man 2 after all the back and forth; losing the Oscar probably helped him make that decision, if so. Or maybe he’s just shouting shit at the people who are nipping at him like a pack of those little dinosaurs that ate Newman in Jurassic Park.