Dear CHUD readership,

As of late I’ve found myself more and more interested in cool posters, art prints, clothing, and other movie geek ephemera. Not necessarily toys but higher end, classier items. Shirts that don’t just have Spider-Man on them and posters that aren’t just movie advertisements. Are you guys as interested in this stuff as I am?

I hope so, because here’s another one. And I think I’ll be bringing you more of the same in the future. The good people at Nakatomi have a new print in their arsenal, and it speaks deeply to me – it’s a print of General Ursus from Beneath the Planet of the Apes. And it’s a nice looking one. They have 90 prints available (well, it’s down to 89, because I bought one), and they have a very limited number of super high end metal prints – we’re talking 200 bucks a pop, so they’re for the serious collector.

Nakatomi is a new store, but they’re shaping up to be very cool. I bought their (now sold out) Six Faces of Bill Murray print as a gift, and their Six Faces of Robert De Niro is pretty nice. But this fucking Ursus print! So sweet.

Click here to order Ursus Major.