The Daily Mail (via Coming Soon) has the first image of Harry Potter in the final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Or the final Harry Potter movies, since Warner Bros has split the book into two films. The image shows… well Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter as we’ve come to know him over the course of the last decade. A little older. And in a sweater. And in the woods.

I would guess that the scene in the woods is Harry’s final walk to his final confrontation with Voldemort – one of the most surprisingly effective emotional moments in all seven books – but since about 85% of Deathly Hallows involved Harry, Ron and Hermione fucking around in the woods, this scene could come at any moment.

It’s weird looking at Radcliffe here; he’s a grown up. It makes me feel so old that I’ve watched this kid grow up, and that I’ve seen his penis. Actually, that last part makes me feel like I should be running a bike shop and having Dudley come play Neptune, King of the Sea with me. Who would have imagined I would see Harry Potter’s wand? And we’re all still waiting on Emma Watson to take that gritty indie role that calls on her to show all. Waiting and waiting.

Man, this article took a turn for the creepy, huh?