For my money, Boom Blox might have been the best Wii game released last year. Sure, sure, “best in the category of one” and all that, but it did exactly what everyone’s trying to do with the Wii- make fun, compelling games that are easy enough for anyone to pick up. I spent hours knocking down block towers (and trying in vain to kill those cutesy animals) with friends and family, and loved every minute of it.

Now Boom Blox Bash Party is on the way,  and this new trailer shows off a few new features in the game. Now there’s new locations, such as in space and underwater, that affect your moves and the way the blocks fall (or float).

The game will feature 400 new levels, and finally allow players to download new ones from both EA and other players- something sorely missing from the original that will guarentee you’ll always have something new to play. Expect the game to hit in Spring!