I’ve got a short David Wain wishlist — State DVDs, Wet Hot American Summer follow-up, etc — and of the items on that page I’ve only had a chance to check off one: ‘watch Wain flirt overtly and uncomfortably with Diablo Cody’.

Item that is not on the list: ‘see a Wain-directed second sequel to Meet the Parents’. Universal is reportedly pushing Little Fockers through the birth canal, with John Hamburg on current script duties and Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson all in talks to appear. Jay Roach wouldn’t direct this one, however, and offers have been out to other comedy directors.

One of these is David Wain, and MTV recently cornered him with probing questions on the subject. Bottom line: “Discussions are being had.” Which is a far cry from ‘I’m treating the offer like it has AIDS.’ But if Wain did the movie, and it did well, which doesn’t seem like a stretch…the sky’s the limit. Oh, I’m so conflicted!