It’s nice to see that the upcoming Melrose Place revival is seeking to distance itself from other CW shows by casting attractive young starlets….  Following the casting of Katie Cassidy (Supernatural’s original Ruby) and reports that Mischa Barton had tested for a role, word has it that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has landed a spot as Violet, who’s described as “a bright-eyed but shrewd
small-town girl and recent L.A. transplant who has come to town
with a secret.” 
Violet is said to parallel original series character, Sandy Harling, who was played by Amy Locaine.  I’ll have to take the CW’s word for it because, unlike Jerry Seinfeld, I wasn’t a regular watcher of the original.

Simpson has had an…interesting career to say the least.  Aside from disastrous Saturday Night Live and Orange Bowl musical performances, one where she didn’t sing a song (but did a country jig instead) and one where she did…badly, Simpson has had a music and acting career, although never managing to outshine older sister and Tony Romo plaything, Jessica.  She had her own reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show and is a WB / CW veteran from her stint on 7th Heaven.  Simpson also had one of the more famous nose jobs since Jennifer Grey.  She recently married Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and birthed a child named Bronz Mowgli.  Melrose Place will be premiering in the fall, joining the recently revivied sister show, 90210.