With Watchmen opening big this weekend, the person who’s taken probably the hardest hits over the last few days is Malin Akerman. Though she acquits herself relatively well in the film, Silk Spectre is the character with the least overt stuff to do, leaving Akerman looking like she’s got to play catch-up with the more dramatic roles in the movie.

That probably won’t hurt her future chances much, though. She’s already shot a role in The Proposal, and will be seen in the Jon Favreau scripted, Peter Billingsly directed Couples Retreat. And now she’s signed on (alongside your favorite actor and mine, Ryan Phillippe) to star in The Bang Bang Club.

Neither a tribute to Shane Black nor some greasy sexual escapade, the film is based on the memoir of war photographer Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva. Ackerman will play editor to the on-screen Marinovich (Phillippe) who, with three other photographers (including one played by Taylor Kitsch) documented the last days of white rule in South Africa. One of the four primary cameramen didn’t survive the country’s full struggle to democracy; another committed suicide. More than one Pulitzer was won for the ‘club’s photo work. 

South American documentarian Steven Silver will direct.