Sucker Punch Productions, the group behind the underrated Sly Cooper games, has a new superhero game on the way with inFamous. Besides some silly capitalization the game actually looks damn good, somewhat like if your guy in Crackdown couldn’t jump far or use guns and had electrical powers instead. Today the PS3 blog announced revealed this box art and let us know that the game will be hitting in June.

There will be a new trailer hitting next week, and a demo is on the way, although there’s no word on just when we’ll be able to download it.

Can’t wait to get our hands on it! One of the coolest aspects of the game (besides those badass electrical powers and visuals) is that you can play the game your way thanks to a karma system that responds to your actions. You can choose to help citizens or not, and your powers will grow depending on what path you take. People on the street will even react to you accordingly. The game definitely looks stunning, and this could be just the kind of PS3 exclusive that Sony needs to keep us going over the summer. More as we hear it.