Before today I didn’t actually know a lot about The Haunting in Connecticut, the based on a true story horror movie opening March 27th, but I do know two things: one, it features Elias Koteas and two, the true story was the basis for a whopping two hour episode of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, which is pretty much one of my favorite TV shows right now. A Haunting manages to really walk the fine line between creepy and silly perfectly, very often managing to be both things at once. Nothing makes me happier.

Today I learned two more things: the movie has a flat out amazing poster (seen to the right), where a kid appears to be barfing ectoplasm, and there’s a truly creepy blazer wearing… thing in the new trailer that we’re debuting below. It appears right at the end, hovering over Virginia Madsen. I’ve freeze framed that moment, and the dude looks like he’s not got a complete head. I like it a bunch.

The Haunting in Connecticut, starring Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Elias Koteas and some other folks, opens March 27th. You’ll have been able to see Watchmen four times by then, so mark the date on your calendar.