After an email about Ninja Assassin came in I went trolling for the rumored teaser trailer, when I came upon something far better I had missed earlier today. And I said “fuck, yes.” The trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control is online, and it is beautiful.

Shot by the justifiably renowned Christopher Doyle, the film follows Isaach De Bankolé (so good a decade ago as a supporting player in Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog) as he tackles a mysterious criminal assignment. Loads of great people make appearances: Bill Murray, Gael Garcia Bernal, Hiam Abbass and a platinum blonde Tilda Swinton.

I can’t figure out what the music is…it sounds almost like Yo La Tengo (which would be right in the Jarmusch wheelhouse) but I don’t think that’s it. Let me know via email or on the message boards if you can help with the ID.

The trailer is sensual, tense and dreamy, and I want to see the film immediately. 2009 might be a very, very good year.

Go to Apple to see the goods.