Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. Since the teaser trailer was found on copies of the PS3 version not much has been revealed about the sequel to one of gaming’s greatest achievements. But this week, details have started to pop up.

Just tuesday the game was officially announced as under development by 2K’s Marin studio, with plans for it to hit in the fourth quarter of 2009. Just as we all hoped.

Today an anonymous tipster directed us to a teaser site- It’s very obviously for Bioshock 2, as the doll on the page is the same from the trailer.

While the game was rumored to be a prequel, the date on the teaser site (2/20/67) suggests otherwise- the events of Bioshock took place in 1960. What could it mean?  Well, there’s a few things you can click on. One of the most important is a newspaper clipping of a kidnapping of a local girl in Liscannor, Ireland, which makes the attacker sound remarkably like a Big Daddy. There’s also a note which details someone finding the doll washed up on shore and realizing that the doll fits the description of the kidnapper.

Could the Big Daddies be chasing down the Little Sister that got away? Does this mean we’re going to be searching around Ireland? I’m so fucking excited to hear more about this and find out where they’re taking the story.

We’ll have much more for you on this game in a short while, if all goes well. For now, let’s all prepare for more Rapture.