You mention just the last name and you think of the movie associated with the automobile.  It’s one of the more unusual cases of six degrees of separation, except you only need one.  You say DeLorean, what movie do you instantly think of?  Exactly.  But in the case of an upcoming biopic, it’s the man, not his eponymous car that will be featured.  According to Variety, producer David Permut (Face/Off) is working on a biographical film of the late auto exec and ersatz drug kingpin, John DeLorean.  Permut will be producing with Steve Lee Jones (Kevorkian).

DeLorean had a distinguished career at General Motors in the 1960s, where he was at least partly responsible for such models as the GTO and the Firebird, and making improvements to several of Chevy and Pontiac’s other well-known models of the era.  He led a flashy lifestyle, was married four times, including to (ironically enough) Cristina Ferrare, and in a Palin-approved term, was known as a maverick in the industry.  Of course then he surreptitiously quit GM and founded his own car company, De Lorean Motor Company, produced the iconic model DMC-12 that’s known for temporal icing.  He was indicted for drug trafficking by the government in 1982 as his upstart company was failing, but beat the charges due to entrapment.  Concerning the incorporation of his car in Back To The Future, DeLorean actually wrote a letter to Bob Gale thanking him for immortalizing the car.  DeLorean died in 2005.

There’s no word yet on any of the little things (director, star,
writer), but for some reason I’m oddly intrigued about the prospect of
this movie.  Considering DeLorean’s colorful life and career, there is
potential there for an interesting film.  When you think of his work on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, George Clooney directing and perhaps even starring
immediately comes to mind.  Not sure how good DeLorean was with a sniper rifle though.