There are a lot of reasons to love the Alamo Drafthouse, but one of the best is their posters. They get amazing artists to create brand new pop art posters for many of the films they show; even if you can’t make it to Austin for a cool screening, you can take part in the magic by buying a print of these often astonishingly good posters.

Two new posters have arrived, and while both are good (the other is for Metropolis), I have to say that the Jeff Kleinsmith poster for Cruising is utterly remarkable and gorgeous. This is a work of art, pure and simple. And for a movie like Cruising! William Freidkin’s 1980 film has Al Pacino as a cop going undercover into the gay underworld to catch a murderer; the movie is moe than a little problematical in its depiction of gay life but is nonetheless utterly fascinating. At the time gay protesters were outraged, but today many look at it as a time capsule peek at a pre-AIDS era. It’s a weird, dark, sometimes very ugly movie, and one worth seeing.

This poster for Cruising can be bought at Mondotees by clicking here.