I liked the plot details (assuming they’re correct) we recently saw from Tron 2.0, but this news makes me far more interested in the film: Upcoming Film Scores reports that Daft Punk has been signed to provide the original score.

While there are plenty of great composers who could do wonders with the project, this makes a lot of sense. Daft Punk has courted the Tron image for years, and the original film’s score definitely informs the French duo’s work. At the Grammys last year, during their appearance with Kanye West, the two sported definitively Tron-inspired costumes. All of which boils down to your basic fanboy justification: hey, they like Tron a lot, so they’re perfect!

But more to the point, they’re wholly versed in and amazingly versatile with creating both moods and specific themes through what sounds like a limited electronic palette. The group has already worked in film via their own projects (Electroma, which they didn’t score, and the anime Interstella 5555, which visualizes the album Discovery) and half of the band, Thomas Bangalter, has twice worked with Gaspar Noe, on Irreversible and the upcoming Enter the Void. The Irreversible score is fantastic; that alone gives me a lot of hope for this deal.