Hey boys, you knew that Megan Fox was single again, but did you know that she’s really into comic books? Well, I don’t actually know if she actually likes comics (well, go to the lat paragraph for more on that), but her career certainly does. Miss Fox has signed on to two comic book movies, at least one of which will have her wearing something akin to a bikini most of the running time.

That one will likely not be Jonah Hex, although Jonah Hex will likely be the good one out of the two. Fox is in final negotiations to star as Leila, Hex’s gun slinging love interest as he goes up against a wizard who raises the dead in an attempt to have the South conquer the North after the Civil War. Now that’s a movie I can get behind, especially with Josh Brolin as Hex and John Malkovich as the bad guy.

The other film is Fathom, based on the Top Cow comic that debuted in the days when babes in bikinis were considered an actual superhero subgenre. In that movie she’d play a mermaid named Aspen (what a weird name for someone from the ocean) who can control water. At least that’s what I can get from skimming the Wikipedia page. I can’t even begin to make myself care about this beyond the idea of Fox in tight/very little clothing and wet. Supposedly Fox is actually a fan of the comic, according to the Hollywood Reporter.