You’ve been clamoring for the reunion of Kent and Olsen as seen in Superman Returns, and now (according to IESB) Sam Huntington has joined the cast of Dead of Night, the adaptation of the comic Dylan Dog. Brandon Routh is starring as the private eye Dylan Dog, who becomes involved with vampires, werewolves and other staples of the Halloween costume aisle at Wal Mart.

Once again Huntington is playing sidekick to Routh. I’m more interested, though, in Routh himself. My opinion of him has shifted quite a bit towards the favorable; a lot of that has to do with Zack and Miri Make a Porno, where he was entertaining. Edgar Wright throwing him a plum little role in Scott Pilgrim vs the World doesn’t hurt.

I’m also curious about how this project will pan out, mostly because I’m a tremendous fan of Cemetery Man, the previous sorta-adaptation of the same comic by Dario Argento sideman Michele Soavi. Metaphysical zombie movies don’t get much better than that.

Dead of Night is shooting now in New Orleans. Lousiana is a hotbed of production right now. Also gearing up are The Expendables and Jonah Hex. It’s a good time to be an extra in New Orleans if you like genre movies. Take some pictures for us, OK?