If you’ve been reading between the lines with respect to plot details on the new Terminator movie, you could probably infer that there would be a real Battlestar Galactica influence. (That may have even been explicit, but I’ve been avoiding as much detail as I could.) Specifically with respect to the new (old) skinjob Terminators. This trailer is the first to really hammer that point home, and it’s the thing that has made me really want to see the film after all.

In addition, we now see a lot more of the look of the thing, and it’s great. How ironic that what we see here is more or less what I really wanted out of a giant robot movie. Transformers what? Also: oh, hey, look! That Sam Worthington guy is in this movie, too. Neato.

The trailer has just gone live at Yahoo Movies; you can see the small version below or head there for lovely HD.