Watchmen might be the big superhero movie on everyone’s radar, but there’s another one not a few weeks off.

Super Capers is the name, and this isn’t a dark and heavy film like we’ve been used to getting- it’s lighthearted and family-friendly and actually looks pretty fun and silly.

In this sci-fi action adventure/comedy, superhero impersonator Ed Gruberman is forced to join the Super Capers, a misfit team of superheroes-in-waiting. He quickly proves himself in a fight against villains Cretan and Captain Sludge, but not before they escape with a fortune of gold bullion and Ed is blamed for the villains’ escape and the missing gold. Ed and the team are arrested, and he soon learns that a vigilante TV star, a judge, a supposedly innocent mugging victim and his parents’ bizarre deaths are all connected. The Super Capers must fend off the TV star’s henchman when Ed saves the day by taking the Capers’ Winnebago time machine and traveling back in time for the final showdown in his past.

Michael Rooker as a villain in a Dracula cape? Clint Howard as a henchman? An Adam West cameo? Nice.

Want to check it out for yourself? We’ve got 50 tickets to give away to screenings in both NYC and LA!

The NYC screening will be held on Saturday, March 14 at 10:30AM at a Manhattan theater, and the LA one will be held on Saturday, March 14 at 10AM. To get free tickets follow the links for the respective cities-



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Super Capers hits theaters March 20th. Check for more.