I feel weird about Tron 2.0. Mostly because I’m excited about it, and it seems cool. That just isn’t right! I should be deeply annoyed by the concept, and the premise should have me rolling my eyes. After all, in 2009 don’t we just take old movies and remake/reboot them? We don’t actually craft true sequels to them. And if we did make a sequel, it would just be a rehash of the first one. Isn’t that how movies are made?

Not this one. It is sounding more and more like Tron 2.0 (or whatever it gets called) will be a real story, one that grows from the original movie and doesn’t just ape it. It also sounds like Apocalypse Now on a motherboard.

Aint It Cool got some new story details about the movie, and about how Jeff Bridges’ character, CLU, has gone bad. Here’s an excerpt:

Flynn has a seven year old son named Sean.

Flynn disappears, leaving behind his son.

Alan Bradley (Boxleitner) takes over Flynn’s company (ENCOM).

Jump forward in time: Sean is now twenty something.

Alan Bradley has info that leads Sean to look for Flynn.

Search takes Sean to Flynn’s old arcade – mothballed.

Into the computer world goes Sean.

There’s a CLU character (Flynn’s computer alter-ego from the first film).

Flynn has programmed CLU to run around and make a better computer world, but CLU’s gone corrupt and is creating his own interpretation of that perfect world. This is why CLU (young Bridges) is being such a punk-ass in that Comic Con footage we saw.

CLU has it out for a kind of program called ISOs & wants to eradicate them.

The ISOs believe Sean Flynn is the one who will free them from CLU’s belligerence.

Somewhere in the computer world, the real Kevin Flynn is whizzing around in a classic Light Cycle. Will he help in the battle against CLU?

There’s more at AICN, including info about Light Jets (and how they battle Light Cycles – not really understanding how that’ll work, but I have faith), so head over and start feeling pleasantly optimistic that this might be more than a nostalgia cash-in.