You know, as a wee lad growing up, I used to enjoy watching Entertainment Tonight for the movie and TV news, the celebrity stuff, interviews, etc.  It was a conduit that fed my dreams of going to Hollywood one day (those dreams have since become a stark, barren and crushed reality, but hey, that’s show biz).  Of course for the last decade or so they’ve gone completely tabloid.  Overpowering the majority of any legit movie or TV newsworthy items are exclusive interviews with Paris Hilton about her take on the Hezbollah situation and which handbags she prefers, a career retrospective on Dakota Fanning, the Jonas Brothers’ hair secrets and of course the latest footage of Britney’s taint in public.

Every once in a while though, they may actually have something of interest that doesn’t involve a bubble-headed celebrity, the paparazzi or the fashion police.  Via a spot on, I learned that the Terminator Salvation footage below that was screened at WonderCon this past weekend will be shown on ET tonight.  So if you can stand wading through Lindsay’s latest trip to rehab, whom George Clooney is dating before kicking to the curb this week or up-to-the-minute news on Brangelina, you may find it worth checking out: