Apparently since Irreversible, rape is starting to make a comeback in Hollywood.  Lord knows it’s been underrepresented since the days of The Entity, The Burning Bed, American History X, Pulp Fiction and the Prequel Trilogy (i.e. childhoods) to name a few.  Me, I’m walking the line of trying to do a story on a new movie about the subject that’s going to co-star Abigail Breslin without getting arrested.  But since Variety already put up the article, I’m hoping to only be an accessory after the fact at most.

The former Little Miss Sunshine will indeed pairing up with the replacement Evelyn O’Connell, Maria Bello and ubiquitous Mr. Samuel L. Jackson in Rape: A Love Story.  The indie drama centers on a woman (Bello) who is gang-raped and then subsequently stalked by the perpetrators.  Breslin will play her 12-year-old daughter and Mr. Jackson will play a cop who protects them.  It’s based on the 2003 Joyce Carol Oates novella, was adapted by John Mankiewicz and will be directed by Harold Becker (Sea of Love).

Bello has recently wrapped the indie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, while Breslin will be seen in Gore Verbinski’s Rango with Johnny Depp and Jackson will be in pretty much everything else.

Unfortunately, neither Mr. Pickens nor Mr. Korman will available for the festivities.