Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t a young guy. He’s been around the block a few times, but it’s only in the last couple of years that all that block-circling has really paid off. With big guest roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural, Morgan was on the verge. Watchmen is going to push him right over to the other side.

Make no mistake: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a movie star. And a manly one at that – he’s not one of these non-threatening boys or androgynous tween-types. He’s a man. And in Watchmen he’s The Comedian, a very, very bad man, who does very, very bad things. But even though he’s shooting pregnant women and burning people alive and committing rape, you still like Morgan. See, that’s what a movie star does.

I sat down with Jeffrey Dean Morgan a couple of weekends back to talk about Watchmen. Here’s what we said:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Interview from devincf on Vimeo.