Herschell Gordon Lewis is a man to whom many of us should bow. His films really helped pave the way for the kinds of gory delights that quite a few Chewers loved growing up; without HG Lewis I feel like we wouldn’t have a Peter Jackson, and Sam Raimi’s career might have been different. Lewis’ films may not be great in the most exacting use of the word, but they’re pretty wonderful.

Instead of remaking an HG Lewis film, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter director Lee Demarbre (who has a credit on the 2009 movie with my favorite title: Black Kissinger, starring Fred Williamson as Henry Kissinger. Sadly not that Kissinger) has made Smash Cut, an homage to Lewis and his films. Lewis apparently has a cameo in the movie about a filmmaker (played by the original Krug from the original Last House on the Left) who finds himself with an accidentally dead body on his hands. He realizes the best way to dispose of it is in pieces, all over the set of his latest gore picture. But of course things don’t end there. Also starring is Sasha Grey, porn starlet and star of Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, where she’s actually damn good. I’m not sure I expect as much out of her here.

Twitchfilm has some pictures from the movie; I’m looking forward to checking this one out myself. It’s always amazing to me that HG Lewis doesn’t show up at more things – has he even been to Comic Con? Dude could make a killing at autograph alley.