More a foregone conclusion than a story, New Line and Platinum Dunes are setting up talent to make another Friday the 13th picture. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have been tapped to write a follow-up; Marcus Nispel probably won’t direct. This isn’t greenlit yet, but the best horror opening in history was bound to get a follow-up, even if it did drop off by 80% in week two. Could the fate of the Nightmare on Elm Street re-do, about to start production, help a green light? Almost certainly, assuming the fate is battered and fried in dollars.

It might not be a sequel, leaving Derek Mears the only actor we’re likely to see return. Which is fine, really. The only family tree we care about in these movies is Vorhees; if we learn what really happened after the credits rolled on the reboot only through a few throwaway lines of exposition, fine. More time for the killin’ that way.