For someone who wasn’t expecting much from the Nintendo DS iteration of Grand Theft Auto, I was completely blown away by what I experienced with GTA: Chinatown Wars. Free yourself from the grip of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix as soon as possible, because your system’s about to get a new permanent resident come March 27th.

It was hard to explain just how much they managed to pack into the little cartridge but now at least there’s something to show off. It’s a bit of a shame that there’s isn’t much gameplay footage on display but they’re focusing on the story here. This first trailer, “Like a Renegade”, features a collab between MF Doom and Ghostface Killah. Nice.

Make sure to click HQ for the HD version-

Also, messageboard denizen Oafley Jones pointed out that there’s some gameplay footage up on IGN right now. Check it out!