EW is running another one of those ‘features’ where they bury early stills from upcoming films in a 25-page festival of clickthroughs. Amid the current batch is a snap of Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as Little and Big Edie Beale, respectively, in the wholly unnecessary dramatization of Grey Gardens. (HBO, April) Really, if you want to know the story of these two women you need to suffer through it with them, and that means enduring the amazing doc made by the Maysles Brothers. Don’t puss out on this one.

Far more interesting is the first snap of Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli, the post-apocalyptic return to dramatic features by the Hughes Brothers. Denzel is carrying a book across an American wasteland, and he’s looking suitably dusty and battered here. The Hughes Brothers are no Maysles Brothers, that’s for damn sure, but I’d love to see this film blow their last piece of fiction (From Hell) way out of the opium den.