A nine picture deal. Jesus H.

Yes, Samuel L. Jackson, who famously was on the verge of dropping out of Iron Man 2, has signed a nine picture deal with Marvel Entertainment to reprise the character of Nick Fury. The films include (possibly) Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers and… SHIELD (or The Shield, as Michael Fleming at Variety has it incorrectly).

You’ve been used again, internets! Just like the Favreau/Marvel feud, this Sam L. backing out story was obviously leverage for a massive deal that will keep Jackson knee deep in comic book movies forever. That was a smart move – it’s better to take a lower paycheck, and to take it nine times. That’s economic security.

So… a SHIELD movie, huh? This one wasn’t on the big Marvel list o’ projects, so when might that film take shape? This Marvel Movieverse just keeps getting bigger and bigger.