Ever since I got my PS3 I’ve loved how diversified this thing is. Not only does it play games, and it’s a 60GB so it’s backwards compatible and I can play my PS1 and PS2 games, but I can go to the Playstation Store for free (since the network is free and you don’t have to pay a membership charge) I can go on there and rent a movie that I haven’t seen in a while, or haven’t seen period, and just wait while it downloads.

Earlier this week I downloaded De Palma’s Carrie. That’s a movie I hadn’t seen in years, and I was able to download it in a snap of the fingers. Right now I’ve got Verhoeven’s Flesh+Blood, Enter The Ninja, and a movie called Robot Holocaust (yeah, it sounds generic as all hell just from the title) waiting in my rental cart.

I’m glad that I can rent movies or purchase them, and even get old Playstation games for this wonderful all purpose machine.

Rene’s song of the day: “Photographic” by Depeche Mode.