Will Ferrell’s best comic persona is sort of precise: he’s a guy who thinks he’s amazing when he’s actually a dipshit. When Ferrell is playing unearned pride he’s amazing. And nobody gets that from him like Adam McKay; while Step Brothers was funny, their real masterworks together have been Anchorman and Talladega Nights, both of which have Ferrell in that blustery wheelhouse.

They’ve been talking about doing another film in that vein, and the character of an astronaut has been bandied about. I’d kill your mother to see that movie, frankly. But I may have to wait, since McKay and Ferrell’s next team-up may be The B-Team, a buddy cop movie co-starring Mark Wahlberg. The film sparked a bidding war this week, based on the package of stars, director and scripter – in this case Chris Henchy, who wrote Land of the Lost.

It will certainly be interesting to see Ferrell and Wahlberg play against each other. But wouldn’t they make really great astronauts as well?