Last week Russ brought you word that Spielberg’s Lincoln may have bit the dust. Not so fast, says Stevie’s publicist, ‘Uncle’ Marvin Levy. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, he flatly denies that the film has had lead pumped into its brain pan.

“Lincoln is alive and well and continues in active development,” Levy tells EW. “Everyone is proceeding with great enthusiasm. The script is still being revised by Tony Kushner and our plans are now to shoot the picture later this year.”

Which means that the film won’t be released during Lincoln’s bicentennial. And I keep having this suspicion that when the bicentennial madness has died down (seriously, who isn’t sick of seeing Lincoln EVERYWHERE these days?) that the interest on Spielberg’s end will die down. But who knows – this is a project Spielberg has been gestating for a long, long time, and I think if he dropped it now he’d make Liam Neeson quite mad. And Taken proves you don’t want to make Liam Neeson quite mad.