Sometimes I have to trick you to get you to look at the good stuff. I mean, if I had titled this ‘Amenabar’s Egyptian Atheism Epic: The Trailer’ would you have clicked through? Well, yeah, you would have, but you’re super smart and cultured. What about the rest of these bozos? Now you see my point.

Anyway, Twitch has the trailer for Alejandro Amenábar’s new film, a sweeping epic set in Roman Egypt and dealing with religious conflict. Rachel Weisz plays the philosopher Hypatia (her Wikipedia entry has a blatant spoiler right in the first sentences!), and Max Minghella plays Anthony Minghella’s son. It looks big, it looks pretty and it looks interesting. I’m curious to see what the guy behind The Others, The Sea Inside and Abre los Ojos does with the sword and sandal genre.

Thanks to Joe for the heads up.