What are we to make of the recently announced release date for Warner Bros’ adaptation of the DC Comic Green Lantern: December 17, 2010? Is this an indication that WB thinks Green Lantern will brave his yellow vulnerability to pick up a golden Oscar? Or is it simple counter-programming, bringing the summer excitement to Christmas break?

The other option is that this is just sort of a placeholder date and everything could change. The movie is probably being directed by Casino Royale‘s Martin Campbell, but other than there’s little to go on in the Green Lantern world. What a release date does is announce the studio’s seriousness and gives them a framwork in which to develop the movie.

And which gives them a strange, aggressive stance against Marvel. It wasn’t just Green Lantern who got a date; Christopher Nolan’s Inception is going up against Marvel’s Thor, while the final Harry Potter will be opening against The Avengers. These are obviously crowded seasons, and big films will open on top of each other, but this does feel like WB is spitting on Marvel’s boot, provoking a fight.

via ERC and Cinematical