Tonight we’re going to be hosting Rock Band night at the awesome Hell Gate Social in Astoria, where we’ve been screening free movies for you folks over the last couple of years.

Every Wednesday at the bar they have a Rock Band night and drink deals (3 bucks for a Miller High Life or Busch and a shot of bourbon) and it’s always a fun time. Tonight I’m going to be bringing some extra Friday the 13th swag that may or may not be similar to items in our recent contest to give away in a competition. We don’t play with No Fail mode on, so you better bring your game!

Hell Gate Social is located on 12-21 Astoria Blvd. (between 12th and 14th st.) The night kicks off around 8. If you’re in the area come out tonight, have a few drinks, grab a sandwich and maybe win some cool swag! For more info on the place check their MySpace page or just shoot me an email. Hope to see you there.