Sony just announced a whole slew of PSP games, perhaps in response to people’s complaints that the company has really dropped the ball with the system in the last year or so. And really, besides a few titles (Patapon!) what has the system given us? There wasn’t even a big holiday title to pick up last year. But the press release names some huge exclusive titles that people will sure want to grab for the awesome little system.

Rock Band Unplugged is eagerly the most exciting of the bunch, sounding a helluva lot more interesting than the garbage that was Guitar Hero for the DS. The game seems to play more like Frequency than Rock Band (never a bad thing!)- as it will have you controlling all the instruments and switching between them, hitting face buttons to play notes. Confirmed tracks from Boston, AFI, Kansas, Lit, The Police, and Blink 182 will ship with the game. The game will support DLC and use the system’s Wi-Fi capabilites. If they’re smart, they’ll allow you access to the tracks you’ve already purchased for other systems… but the idea of a portable Rock Band game done right is almost too much for this addict.

LittleBigPlanet seems like another obvious choice for the PSP- the game is incredibly simple to control and best played in short bursts, after all. MediaMolecule is helping develop this version which will offer new levels and environments along with the usual customization you’d expect.

Another big surprise is Assassin’s Creed, an exclusive installment of the game that they’re so excited about that they’re going to bundling it together with a system.

Also coming is MotorStorm Arctic Edge (by the guys behind the crappy Pursuit Force games), some Petz and Hannah Montana games for the kids, and Dissidia Final Fantasy for those of you who aren’t absolutely sick of the series

So awesome, Sony. It’s been a dry season for PSP owners, so this is just the news we had to hear.