The same guys behind Dead Space are set on taking you to hell with Dante’s Inferno. From what we’ve seen and heard so far, expect a third person action/adventure game set in Hell, complete with the usual button-mashing combo-heavy combat, and Quick Time Events up the wazoo.

It allso looks like they’re going to try to follow the plot of the famous poem a bit (you have read it, right?), although it’d probably be safe to say that Dante’s going to kick a lot more ass this time. He’s got scythes and crosses and all kinds of tools to fight off the demons. No sign of Virgil just yet, but could that be Beatrice in this new trailer?

It doesn’t show much in the way of gameplay footage, but it definitely shows what game it is most taking after. Check it out-

Do we need another God of War, especially when the third installment of that game looks so fantastic? Well, why not? Can’t beat the setting, after all.

I’ve got faith that the Dead Space team can pull it off. It ain’t going to be anything the literary purists will be pleased with (they’d be much more rewarded with checking out the recent awesome film adaptation), but you know gamers will eat it up. More as we hear it!