John Sayles has always been a CHUD favorite; I think it’s because we see ourselves in him. The guy knows no bounds, and his resume includes disaparate entries like Piranha and Alligator and Lone Star and Honeydripper. Also, he’s a handsome man.

Now he’s turning his writing skills on a very weird little project: an HBO series about the life of Anthony Kiedis. Yes, other musical types must settle for biopics and Kiedis is getting an entire bio-series. But at least this sounds sort of interesting – Kiedis grew up in West Hollywood in the 70s with his dad, Spider, a drug dealer to bands like The Who and Led Zeppelin. Little Anthony was on the music scene in a time of serious debauchery and fucked upedness, and assuming all the music clearances go through, it could be an entertaining show. That said, I fear we’ll be seeing My Chemical Romance dressing up as X or something that will make me explode in a ball of righteous, impotent fury.

The show will be called Scar Tissue, after Kiedis’ autobiography of the same name. Sayles and Kiedis have apparently really hit it off, and the writer has been meeting with Spider himself. I hope Sayles gets the truth about the Led Zeppelin mudshark incident. Spider may know the answers.