Ed Brubaker is one of the few mainstream comic book guys who has shown that he isn’t trapped in the boring old idiom of the superhero; his comic Criminal is a really great, gritty crime series that’s filled with rich characters, suspense, excitement and occasional bursts of awesome violence.

Brubaker knows his criminal types, so it’s no surprise that his first web series would be focused on the shady underworld of killers for hire. The series, Angel of Death, starts on Crackle.com on March 2, and it has a cast that is so cool I wish I had been on a set visit. Zoe Bell, stuntwoman extraordinaire and star of Death Proof, plays a hitman who, after receiving severe head trauma, starts to hallucinate the ghosts of her victims. This drives her to seek revenge on the people who ordered those hits in the first place. Filling out the world around her are geektastic names like Lucy Lawless, Doug Jones and the ever amazing Ted Raimi. Ted Raimi!

There’s a cool clip from the series available at Comic Vine – click here to see it.